Mid-Season Update

We’re now into the season, and I appreciate the hard running you all are doing. Everyone’s times are improving, and we are developing well for the big meets at the end—states in October and nationals in November. Keep it up!

The running for the next week will be a bit dicey with Hurricane Florence barreling down. Do what you can.

Consider doing some “tempo runs,” runs which are just a bit below race-pace but still hard runs. For example, if you run a 5k at 7:30 per mile, run 3-5 miles at 7:50 or 8:00. Do a warmup beforehand and a cool-down afterwards. These are hard and you’ll be wiped when you’re done, but since you’re not going 100% you’ll recover quickly.

Another workout to consider is the “800 repeats” (800m or 1/2-mile) we’ve been doing. String 4-6 of these together with about 2 minutes of rest between. Here you want to be above race-pace since it’s such a short distance. If 7:30 is your race-pace, aim to do the 1/2-miles in 3:00 or less. If 10:00 is your mile in a race, aim for 4:30 or 4:00 for the 1/2 miles.

Maybe we’ll see you Monday night at Bond, but wait for updates on that. No telling what the weekend will be like!

And…hopefully we’ll be in Siler City on Tuesday for the scheduled meet!


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