The steps to register:

  1. Give us your email so we can add you to TeamSnap.
  2. Fill out these forms and scan/email them to the team administrator:
    1. This waiver
    2. The concussion awareness form
  3. Sign up for USATF membership at their website. Go to the “Membership” button at the top of the page. USATF provides our insurance coverage. Our club name is Cary Fire and # is 13-1087. If you registered with USATF in the past for Cary Fire but forget your number, ask me.
  4. Go to the DNPE website to make sure your homeschool is listed. You can’t run the state meet if it isn’t.
  5. If this is your first year, order your uniform at the TEAM STORE. You can also get fan shirts there. Uniforms from previous years are fine to wear. For races we also need to wear solid black running shorts.
  6. Fees for 2022 are as follows, paid to Ana María Fraticelli by check or Paypal or Venmo:
    1. High school runner $50 before July 1, $100 after
    2. Non–high school runner $30 before July 1, $60 after
    3. For non–competitive runners we request a $15 donation
  7. Fill out the registration form below.